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  Why we call Daniels' "Commerce Connector" TCC-I69

We prefer to call Daniels' "Commerce Connector"  TCC-I69 or Tolled Commerce Connector I-69. 

Daniel's "CC" is I-69.

By federal law I-69 in Indiana must be studied (not necessarily built) as four Sections of Independent Utility (SIU) of NAFTA Corridor 18,

{Section 115 (c) of the Intermodal Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991 (Public Law 102-240; 105 Stat. 2032)} http://www.i69indyevn.org/Project_Overview/questions/routing.html

Until  Daniels' "Commerce Connector" was moved up to study status, only two of those studies had been started.

COUNT US! Thanks Monroe County Surveyor Kevin Enright for this further proof that Governor Daniels' "Commerce Connector" is I-69, Corridor 18 SIU #2.

Mr. Enright directed us to Chapter 6 page 2 of the "Corridor 18 Special Issues Study"

To see it for your self, reference that page on this PDF document


  • Provision of new Interstate-type facility as a partial outer loop around the east and south of the area, generally along S.R. 9 (eastern portion and S.R. 44 (southern portion).
  •  Estimated order of magnitude cost = $1,200 million.

end quote

Related facts to be considered:

Including Daniels new TCC-69, if I-69 is connected from Mexico to Canada, it will be over 84 miles longer than two existing non-tolled interstate systems. http://www.i69tour.org/maps.html

Indiana is #4 in rural interstate density after Vermont, Pennsylvania and Illinois.

Indiana is #1 (some say as low as #4) in the percentage of jobs lost since NAFTA.

There is no reliable relationship that can be demonstrated between interstates and jobs.http://www.assmotax.org/I69/InterstatevJobloss.php

Our opinion:

Those who believe that more interstates will bring jobs aren't thinking, they are stating their unfounded bias.

Those who think a private segmented for profit NAFTA toll road is going to bring Hoosiers jobs and prosperity are not worthy of leadership or our trust.

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